I’m a freelance storyboarder,  background artist and 2D animator based in the Netherlands.

Feel free to contact me at:
+31 (0)6 53559334

Projects I’ve worked on:
Animated short ‘Circus Fondantini’ [wip] storyboarding
Animated short ‘Zwarte sneeuw’ [wip], storyboarding
Series ‘Dr Panda’, storyboarding, propdesign
Series ‘Dr Panda TotoTime’, storyboarding, layout, background design
GIF animations STIVA, storyboarding, design, animation
Series ‘PettePret’, backgrounddesign
Series ‘The Welliewishers’, storyboarding
Featurefilm ‘Woezel en Pip en De Sloddervos’, backgrounddesign
Animated short UltraKort ‘Bird Of Prey’, director, animator, background- and characterdesign
Educational project ‘Floating Flowers’ character design, illustrations
Series ‘Woezel en Pip’ , storyboarding
Series ‘Tales Of Stuff’, backgrounddesign
Featurefilm ‘Trippel Trappel’, storyboarding, layout, animation
Animated short ‘Fallin’ Floyd’, animation and storyboarding
Music video, ‘Van A naar B’ van Hofbuskers, storyboarding, layout, backgrounddesign
Animated Storybook, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, animation
Explain animation for Bolton, animation, storyboarding, characterdesign, cleaning and coloring
Animated shorts for stichting Ohm, animation and characterdesign
Animated short ‘Little Quentin’, animation, cleaning en coloring
Animated short ‘Paultje En De Draak’, animation, cleaning en coloring

‘Slim Pickings Fat Chances’
Zwolle animation festival 2010 – Best student film
Nocicortinfestival 2010 – Short of(f) prize