Storyboard-, layout- and background artist

  • Illustrations ‘Odysseus’

    Illustrations ‘Odysseus’

    For a memorial film I was asked to create moving illustrations off the book ‘Odysseus’. I choose a style and color-palette inspired by pottery of ancient Greece.

  • Illustrations for documentary ‘Frits’

    Illustrations for documentary ‘Frits’

    Commissioned by studio ‘WOUW!’ The documentary ‘Frits’ is about the life story of Frits growing up in occupied Indonesia. For this project I’ve drawn 40 illustrations that are animated by Wouw! You can find a selection below.

  • 112 – Beatboard

    112 – Beatboard

    A selection of images of the beatboard for my own filmproject called ‘112’.

  • Cliffhanger – Backgrounds

    Cliffhanger – Backgrounds

    For the UltraKort ‘Cliffhanger’ I was asked to create the backgrounds. The animated short contains 4 different film genres and therefore 4 different background themes. Directors: Diederick Geers, Jelle Janssen, Jasper LoosProduction: Valk Productions Animation studio: Anikey Animation: Lieke WoutersComposite: Witte van der TempelBackgrounds: Jelle BruntLine producer: Janneke Meekes Sound-design, Foley, Cinemamix: Bob Kommer Studio’sMuziek: […]

  • TotoTime series

    TotoTime series

    For the web series TotoTime, from season 1 till season 4, I created a lot of storyboards & backgrounds.Here you’ll find a few backgrounds to give an impression.

  • Beer ‘n Baard .gif

    Beer ‘n Baard .gif

    2D digital frame by frame animation. Tribute to my rabbits.

  • Bird of Prey, animated short

    Bird of Prey, animated short

    In a desolate desert, two desperados prepare for a duel in classic western style under the blazing sun. At stake is a bag with valuable contents. Eyes leer, foreheads are beaded with sweat. Who will be the fastest shooter? Bird of Prey is my first animated short as a professional. I made this film together with David […]

  • ‘Trippel Trappel’

    ‘Trippel Trappel’

    The last two years I’ve been working on ‘Trippel Trappel’ a dutch animated feature film, by Anikey Studios and Il Luster, about animals who want to celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’. I worked on the storyboard, made lay-outs for the backgrounds and have been animating. The movie will be released in Dutch and Belgium cinema’s at 8-10-2014. Take a look […]

  • ‘Fallin’ Floyd’ Animated short

    ‘Fallin’ Floyd’ Animated short

    Animated short by Anikey Studios. On this animation I’ve worked on the character designs and animation.

  • 5 seconds project – Commend-Z

    5 seconds project – Commend-Z

    Animation and design by me, concept by Janneke Meekes.

  • Happy holidays from Stan Lee – World of heroes

    Happy holidays from Stan Lee – World of heroes

    Animation: David de Rooij Backgrounds: Jelle Brunt Clean-up: David de Rooij, Pedro Vargas, Jelle Brunt Coloring: Linda Tijssen  

  • ‘Little Quentin’ animated short

    ‘Little Quentin’ animated short

    I have animated on ‘Little Quentin’. An animated short by Anikey Studios.

  • Hansel & Gretel – Epic Tales

    Hansel & Gretel – Epic Tales

    I’ve worked on Hansel & Gretel from Epic Tales, an interactive  book. The animation is produced at Anikey Studios and is available in the Appstore.

  • Animations for TV talkshow Chatney

    Animations for TV talkshow Chatney

    Here’s are a few of the short animated story’s  I’ve worked on, with Anikey Studio,  for tv talkshow for Hindu networkOHM. We finished every piece in less than a week:

  • Slim Pickings Fat Chances

    Slim Pickings Fat Chances

    Graduation animated short film by David de Rooij & Jelle Brunt. Slim Pickings won at: Zwolle animation festival 2010 – Best student film Nocicortinfestival 2010 – Short of(f) prize And was selected at the following festivals: Cartoon Brew tv’s student animation festival 2010 Zlin internation film festival 2010 Anima mundi 2010 18th curtas vila do […]

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